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Tubing Technical: an Exploration
in Fabrication

Alison Antelman

September 23–25

Fri–Sun, 10:00am–5:00pm


Tuition: $725

Materials: included in tuition

Tuition is nonrefundable, review policies here


or call to enroll: (303) 997-9846

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Workshop Details

Tubing definition: a hollow form open at both ends, not necessarily round.  Explore the myriad ways to make and use tubing. Join, bend, connect, hang, set faceted trillion stones, stretch and hinge, using tubing.

Students make a hinged pendant and set a trillion stone in a telescoped tube setting hanging from a bail made from bent tubing. Learn to stretch tubing to fit a stone and make simple earrings that pivot.

A materials kit (value $35) is included in your tuition which includes all parts for each project, including trillion and round stones.  A step-by-step handout with images and text is also supplied.


This is an intermediate level class,  Metalsmithing 2 (basic fabrication and soldering) required.


Materials & Tools List

 Please bring your metalsmithing tool kit including:

  • Saw frame , saw blades 2/0 or 3/0 and wax

  • Pliers: round or half-round, chain-nose, and flat

  • Solder in Hard, Medium and Easy

  • Hand files (half round, needle, etc. in large and small sizes)

  • Sandpaper/sanding sticks in various grits (220/320/400/600)

  • Drift Pin for stretching tubing: alternatively, you may use  one of the following—a small round mandrel, a tapered scribe , a gradually tapered bezel shaper or a TEKTON 1/16 Inch Alignment Punch 

  • Sharpie

  • Scribe, center punch, dividers, etc.

  • Calipers or Small Ruler

  • Safety glasses

  • Goldsmith’s Hammer or something with narrow rectangular side, and flat side (bring a few if you are unsure).

  • Stone setting tools: burnisher, bezel pusher, whatever you like to use for bezel-type settings.

  • Mallet: Heavy Delrin Plastic or other (optional)

  • Shears/ Joyce Chen /airplane shears/ other

  • Polishing wheels/pumice wheel for FlexShaft


  • Tube Cutter or Miter Jig

  • Wood or Delrin U channel block

  • Tubing Draw Plate

  • Small Trillion Mandrel

  • Additional 22g or 24g Sterling Silver sheet 1x3" (or more if you have it)

  • Sterling Silver round wire in a variety of gauges


Antelman Tool and Supply List

Ideas flourish in my mind, like opportunities of adventure on the open road. It is impossible to discover all roads at once, so I take notes and draw maps for future exploration. I am always jotting down line drawings on hot pink Post-it notes, and the surge of new ideas germinates in my mind. Exploration and puzzle solving are part of my process as I reach my design goals.I tend to work in stages in order to implement my vision using my own blueprints to guide the way. The open road leads everywhere…

Master Series Policies


  • There are no refunds or credits for Master Series Workshops.

  • By enrolling in a Master Series workshop, you affirm your acceptance of our no refunds policy and represent to us that you possess the appropriate skills to comply with the prerequisites.  

  • Check your calendar carefully and choose wisely before enrolling. 

  • DJS cannot issue a credit or refund as all tuition received goes toward travel expenses, lodging, workshop materials and commitment to the instructor. 

Please contact us with any questions you might have regarding a Master Series Workshop.

Master Series Policies
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