Chasing & Repoussé in the
Italian Way

Il Maestro Fabrizio Acquafresca

June 26–30, 2022

Sun–Thu; 10:00am–5:00pm


Tuition: $1200

Materials: Tool Rental Fee is included in tuition

Tuition is nonrefundable, review policies here

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Workshop Details

Chasing and Repoussé with Il Maestro Acquafresca is more than a technical course about chasing and repoussé. With Il Maestro's unmatched skill in the classical Italian art and technique of "sbalzo e cesello", it is truly an experience of understanding a technique that has formed part of the artistic dynasty and lifework of the Acquafresca family, dating back to the Renaissance in Florence.


Il Maestro Acquafresca is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and skill with each student at all levels, from those who have never had any experience to the most advanced students. All of them will be able to learn to enjoy the process and improve their skills. 


Over the course of five days, Il Maestro will discuss with each individual student their chosen project, providing technical and artistic guidance, allowing the student to acquire the skills and knowledge to continue independently exploring the art of chasing and repoussé. Come and see why Il Maestro's students have learned to share his joy and passion with this technique!​​​

The course begins with an overview, how to hold and use the tools, followed by illustration and selection of the different materials.

BEGINNING STUDENTS begin the practical execution through an assigned project: creating either a Ginko Leaf or Dragonfly on copper using the Regular Set of tools. The second day will cover instruction in using the Tiny Set of tools so students may gain experience working in a small dimension.

Each student should come prepared with 2 or 3 projects they would like to create. These may be images of fruit, insects, birds/animals, fish, botanical or floral motifs—no abstract or geometric images—and can be either hand-drawn or a black and white copy/printout. We suggest having the image sized to fit your desired project (i.e. pendant, earrings, bracelet, etc.) if possible. There will be a small amount of time in class to plan out your design.

INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS may skip the assigned project. These students will need to bring 2 or 3 projects ready to go on the first day so that Fabrizio may discuss individually how to approach each project and so that no time is lost learning and creating.

It is possible to create several pieces during the course of the workshop, depending on the complexity of projects and the student's individual rate of work. Almost anything may be created, including bracelets, earrings and pendants; the possibilities are endless. 

Need some inspiration? Visit @ilmaestroacquafresca on Instagram (black & white images are student work)

Materials & Tools List

Please bring the following materials:

  • 22ga copper 6x12" sheet


  • 22ga Fine Silver (minimum 3x3" for earrings/pendant; 3x6" for cuff) 

  • 12g Sterling Silver wire (round or square), 20" if making a cuff/bracelet

Please bring the following tools:​

  • Your Jeweler's toolbox, including: saw, 3/0 saw blades, wax/BurLife, hand files, sanding paper/sticks, polishing wheels, centerpunch, etc.

  • Beadsmith Micro Engraver or 1mm ball bur to use with FlexShaft (for outlining design)

  • 2-3 images/designs you would like to create

  • Heavy-duty leather or canvas gloves (no synthetic materials); preferably long enough to your wrists. These are to protect your hands while using the torch on pitchboards.

  • Sketch pad & pencil/pens

  • Fine point marker (Sharpie or similar)

  • Tracing paper and carbon paper


A tool set is provided for each student to use during the course of the workshop and consists of 20 handmade chasing and repoussé tools, one hammer, and one 8x8" pitch-board (Florentine recipe). 

The $50 Tool Set Rental Fee is included in your tuition and covers the cost of shipping and wear and tear on the tools.

At the end of the workshop, the Tool Set is available for purchase for an additional $600 USD.


Fabrizio Acquafresca was born in Florence, Tuscany. He is the 17th generation of this family dedicated to this art. When he was 13 he started to work in his uncle’s workshop, a famous Florentine silver artisan, Brandimarte. Here, uncle “Brandi,” with love and strength, taught Acquafresca a high quality of silver craftsmanship. Today, Acquafresca is considered a Maestro (Master) in the art of chasing, and has created commissioned works for the Vatican and the Palio di Siena.

Master Series Policies


  • There are no refunds or credits for Master Series Workshops.

  • By enrolling in a Master Series workshop, you affirm your acceptance of our no refunds policy and represent to us that you possess the appropriate skills to comply with the prerequisites.  

  • Check your calendar carefully and choose wisely before enrolling. 

  • DJS cannot issue a credit or refund as all tuition received goes toward travel expenses, lodging, workshop materials and commitment to the instructor. 

Please contact us with any questions you might have regarding a Master Series Workshop.