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Prerequisite: Metalsmithing 1


Interested in stepping up your bezel setting game?


Join us for Advanced Bezel Setting to learn how to create custom made bezel settings for cabochons or found objects with corners, flat tops and/or an uneven profile. This workshop expands your bezel setting know-how and gives you the confidence to set any stone or object and unleash your creativity.


Students are encouraged to ask questions throughout the workshop with plenty of class time to practice the techniques covered. 



Bring your Metalsmithing toolbox with the following items:

  • 1–2 Cabochons: dime to half-dollar size with corners or uneven profiles (Mabé pearls, druzys, coins or sea glass are okay)
  • Bezel wire: 6" or more plain 26ga Fine Silver bezel, dead soft, for cabs (height must match stones: need 1mm or higher above girdle line) we will check them at the start of class
  • 20 ga Sterling Silver sheet dead soft (enough to create back plate for stone)
  • H, E, M, XE silver wire solder: 22 ga (bring what you have from Metals 1)
  • Jeweler’s saw blades: One dozen 2/0 blades
  • 220, 320, 400, 600 grit sandpaper or sanding sticks
  • Slotted Mandrel or 240 grit sandpaper cartridges
  • Dedeco Silicone Polishing Wheel Assortment and 1/6" screw mandrels
  • Beeswax/Saw blade lube (BurLife)
  • N95 respirator


12 Contact Hours  |  Studio fee included ($10 value)

Advanced Bezel Setting: Fri, Mar 1 & 8

SKU: 025341
  • Metalsmithing 1

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