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NOTE: This workshop is held at Art Gym Denver, 1460 Leyden St, Denver, CO 80220


Kickstart your jewelry making journey in this exciting and fast-paced workshop offered through Art Gym Denver! This workshop will introduce you to the basics of metalsmithing by walking you through designing and building a bezel-set cabochon pendant out of brass and silver.




  • Studio safety and basic ergonomics
  • Sawing techniques
  • Sanding and filing
  • Adding texture using a Rolling Mill
  • Basics of soldering including working with mixed metals
  • How to create and set a bezel for a traditional cabochon
  • Polishing and finishing techniques


You are responsible for purchasing your materials and bringing them with you to the first day of class. You have the option to purchase a Materials Kit from us at an additional cost. The materials kit does not include a cabochon or bezel wire. Your instructor will have a small selection of cabochons to choose from for your pendants and bezel wire for an additional charge, payable to the instructor.


Cabochons should be no smaller than a dime (18mm) and no larger than a 30x40mm oval.



  • 12" plain Fine Silver Bezel (strip) 26 gauge, dead soft, with at least 1 mm above girdle of your chosen stone (both will be checked in class)
  • Cabochon: 20mm diameter (nickle sized) or larger (up to 30x40mm oval) must have a flat bottom, no facets.  Cabochons should be round or oval.
  • 6x6" Red brass sheet, 20 gauge
  • 6" Argentium Silver Round Wire, 14 gauge, dead soft
  • 6" each: 22 guage Silver Solder Wire in Extra Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard (*label & keep separate)
  • Wet/Dry Sandpaper: 1 sheet each of 220, 320, 400, 600 grit (usually dark gray, full sheets 9x11”)
  • 4 each sanding stick blanks (available in our office for purchase)
  • Dozen 2/0 jewelers saw blades
  • Dedeco Try em Silicon Polishing Wheel Assortment and 1/6" screw mandrels
  • 2 each 1" Solid felt wheel (and mandrels if unmounted)
  • N95/KN95 Face Mask
  • 4 very small plastic containers with separate lids for each compartment for solder chips (2 contact lens cases will work)
  • 1 old tea-towel/t-shirt scrap for polishing (no terrycloth)
  • Fine point Sharpie marker



  • Apron
  • Disposable nitrile/latex gloves
  • Optivisor or reading glasses (12–18” focal length)
  • Didymium Plus ACE glasses (for soldering) D&L Art Glass has these locally


18 Contact Hours  |  Max 6 students

Art Gym • Intro to Metals: Jewelry Jumpstart: Thu, July 11-Aug 15

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