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Geometric Bezels with Gold


In this class students will learn how to form crisp geometric bezels for angled, faceted gemstones in this two tone architectural ring!  Hone your soldering skills as we problem solve with complex soldering setups to build airlines into our rings. We will cover tips and tricks on setting faceted stones with points using bezel rollers and hammer setting. Lastly, you’ll experience the pure euphoria of successfully setting a very pointy and scary stone of your choosing for a unique project!  Huzzah!


Teacher Bio

Baleigh Acebo has tinkered with craft and jewelry since she was a wee adolescent. After pursuing a BFA in Creative Writing she realized she had made a terrible mistake on a very expensive education because what she wanted to do was work with her hands.  She then enrolled in the North Bennet Street School’s Jewelry Making & Repair program in Bahston, MA and everything was good again. Baleigh was technically trained to craft her own tools, fabricate intricate pieces from scratch, handset diamonds & precious gems and repair fine jewelry.


Baleigh is a process jeweler and gets turned on from the problem solving involved in designing intricate pieces and setting weird stones.  Her work employs clean lines, bold colors and geometry that she finds inspiring from everyday design. Baleigh works out of her home studio that she shares with her hubs Alex, along with their 3 adorable floofs.


Materials Kit   $120-160 depending on stone students choose, payable to instructor


Flat 18ky stock approx. 1mm-3mm x 23g

Square silver stock

Silver sheet 20g

Silver sheet approx 9-12g

Flat stock for ring shank

Geometric stone of your choice provided by instructor

Hard silver solder

Medium silver solder


1mm drill Drill bit

.8mm ball bur


Student Tool List

Saw frame & blades

Digital calipers or spring gauge

Chain nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Flush cutters

Ring mandrel


½ round hand file

Needle files


Setting tools: chasing hammer, setting punch, bezel roller


Sanding sticks 180-400 grit recommended

Your favorite rotary abrasives (ie 3m bristle disks, knife edge wheels)

Baleigh Acebo: Geometric Bezels with Gold - Sat & Sun, Sep 7-8

SKU: 026789
  • Metalsmithing 1 or equivalent

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