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Bead setting faceted stones involves the proper use of hand engravers for moving metal to create the eloquent bead tabs that hold the stone firmly in place.  This technique will take practice to perfect, but John will show you several of the methods he has utilized for success.  Bead setting is the basis for pave settings and will be discussed in this workshop. 


A Materials Kit ($20 value) is included in your tuition and includes a Sterling silver bar and 2.5mm faceted stones. 


MATERIALS & TOOLS Bring the following items: 

  • GRS® C-Max® Tapered Round Graver, #52 (Rio Grande item #118619)
  • Half-Head Wood Graver Tool Handle, Pkg/3 (Rio Grande item #118042)
  • Glardon Vallorbe Beading Tool Set, 12-Piece (Rio Grande item #113701)
  • Center Punch (Rio Grande #118117)

  • Scribe (Rio Grande #118455)
  • Dividers
  • Drill Bits 1.3mm–1.4mm
  • 2.5 mm Setting Bur (Busch Bur recommended, Rio Grande #341551)
  • Beeswax or Bur Lube


6 Contact Hours

Bead Setting: Mon Sept 23, 2024

SKU: 027091
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