Prerequisite:  Torch skills

This workshop will teach you the techniques of working with PMC (Precious Metal Clay), both kiln-fired and torch-fired. Students will learn how to achieve design and texture with stamps, molds, texture plates and other materials, plus how to use the PMC with minimum waste of the material.. The techniques taught will allow you to work from home with a minimal investment in equipment. You will complete one pair of earrings and a pendant in this workshop, in textures and shapes of your choosing. 


A materials kit ($25 value) is included in your tuition and covers the PMC for the class projects.



Bring the following items: 

  • PMC3 Silver Clay, 15g (Rio Grande #100714)
  • Zona Soft Grip Cutting Knife ( Rio Grande #111510)
  • 3M Sponge Sanding Pads, Set of 5: (Rio Grande #337318)
  • Brass wire brush:  (Rio Grande #111388)
  • Lavender Oil, 8ml dropper bottle (Rio Grande #111529)
  • Your choice of chain for pendant (sterling silver, beaded, etc.)
  • Old T-shirt or Polishing cloth
  • Paint brush (to collect dried PMC from bench)
  • Stainless Steel Burnishing tool (Rio Grande #113023)
  • Optivisor or reading glasses for seeing up close (optional)


6 Contact Hours 

    Beginning PMC: Sun, Oct 2

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    • Torch Skills