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Prerequisite: Prong Setting


Channel setting is the method of suspending stones between two bars or strips of metal called channels.  The stones are protected by the sides of the metal bands that hold them in place.  When selecting stones for channel setting, they must be the same size and shape in order to achieve a uniform look. 


Round stones are the most common shape for channel setting, although princess cut (square) and rectangular (baguette) stones are also popular choices.  In this workshop, John will teach this technique using round 2.5mm CZ faceted gemstones in a pre-made wheel designed specifically for practicing this technique.


A Materials Kit (value $45) is included in your tuition and contains the wheel and twenty 2.5mm CZs. 



Bring your Metalsmithing toolbox, including the following items: 

  • German Dividers with Replaceable Tips (Rio Grande #116224)
  • GRS® C-Max® Tapered Flat Graver, #41  (Rio Grande #118640)
  • Half-Head Wood Graver Tool Handle, Pkg/3 (Rio Grande #118042)
  • Straight Burnisher (Rio Grande #113029)
  • 2.3 mm 90 degree Hart Bur (Rio Grande #344415)
  • Beeswax or Bur Lube


6 Contact Hours

Channel Setting: Tues, Sept. 3, 2024

SKU: 027028
  • Prong Setting

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