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Prerequisite:  Metalsmithing 1


In this workshop, participants will learn to use presses and dies to create their own rings that are truly seamless – free of any solder seams! Crafting rings in this manner offers some alternative benefits including the ability to size rings up or down multiple sizes on a ring stretcher/reducer.

Students will learn to create their own “washer” blanks using a disc cutter and/or a centering punch tool. We will then learn to use the hydraulic press, arbor press, and stretcher/reducer to first fold the resulting “washer” into a cone, and then stretch it into a rough ring shape. As we proceed, we will go over the important procedures of annealing and deburring our ring to protect it from fracturing.

We will cover a variety of methods to shape our rough blank into a more refined/desirable shape using reduction dies with varying angles. Along the way, we will discuss methods to protect the texture on the washer’s surface as it is being manipulated. Once we have achieved our desired size and shape, we will go over some finishing options including adding a patina.

After completing this workshop, students will be well equipped to create a textured seamless ring in their desired size out of raw materials from start to finish in an hour or so!


A Materials Kit (value $10) is included in your tuition and contains Buffing pads (80/80, 240/240, 400/4000), Sandpaper, Brass blanks and use of tools including outside ring holder and Deburring tool.


A small selection of Silver coins and rounds will be available for purchase from your instructor.


Techniques covered in this workshop include:

  • Using the arbor press,  hydraulic press and ring stretcher/reducer with dies
  • Texturing on the rolling mill
  • Cutting/punching center holes with disc cutters and center punches
  • Folding “washers” into a cone shape, and stretching cones to achieve a ring shape
  • Annealing and avoiding (or achieving,  if desired) reticulation
  • Cutting with a deburring tool and avoiding stress fractures
  • Swedish Wrap reduction technique
  • Quick polish/patina tips
  • Protecting the ring during the fabrication process using Teflon tape, Delrin components, lubricant, urethane pads, etc.
  • Resolving wobbly rings
  • Further applications: Mega stretcher, doming for bells, spinner rings, flush setting stones, beads, repurposing cutout plugs



Bring your metalsmithing toolbox, including the following items: 

  • Jeweler’s saw frame, 2/0 saw blades and beeswax/burlife
  • Half-Round Files (Habilis, etc.)
  • Finishing burs/wheels (radial discs, cratex wheels, sanding drums, whatever you like to use!)
  • Coins (recommended 40%+ silver content); there will be some available for purchase
  • Apron
  • N95/K95 face mask 




4 Contact Hours

Coin & Seamless Rings: Sat, Mar 9

SKU: 025945
  • Metalsmithing 1

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