Prerequisite: Metalsmithing 1


Mokume Gane, or wood grain metal, is a traditional Japanese technique in which two or more different metals are meticulously cleaned, alternately stacked, compressed and heated to a high temperature. The result is the fusing of all layers into a solid block or billet. The billet can be made into sheet metal with a variety of patterns by repeatedly carving through layers and reducing the thickness. Ring stock can be made by twisting a thick piece to re-orient the layers and removing material to reveal a hidden pattern. 


Combining Japanese tradition and western technology, Eric guides participants through the traditional fusion-bonded Mokume Gane process. Participants will learn a low tech, low cost, but efficient method to making Mokume Gane-using a refractory brick mini furnace and soldering torch to fire the billet. Participants will start by making their own billet and finish with a seamless forged band ring. In between are several technical demonstrations, so beginning metals & jewelry skills are needed to be successful in this workshop.

NOTE: This workshop requires a large amount hammering. If you have strength issues or concerns, please carefully consider that we will be hammering a good bit of the time before registering for this workshop. Ear Protection is strongly recommended.



Purchase of the Materials Kit is required for this workshop and is in addition to your tuition. Kit includes: pre-cut silver and copper pieces for your billet, steel torque plates with hardware, a cleaning jig, Scotch-Brite cleaning blocks, 220 grit sandpaper, and pumice powder.
Payment for the kit will be collected on the first day of class.


An optional Refractory Brick Furnance is available for an additional $65, payable directly to instructor.


Bring the following:

  • Jeweler’s Saw Frame, 2/0 Saw Blades, Beeswax/Synthetic Lube For Blades

  • 6” Jeweler’s Ruler 

  • Assorted Files 

  • Assorted Hammers 

  • Safety Glasses 

  • Hearing Protection 

  • Dust Mask (Particulate Respirator, P95 Or N95) 

  • Closed Toe Shoes, Leather Preferred 

  • Work Apron (Either Cotton or Linen, No Synthetic Fibers) 

  • Note Taking Materials 

  • Fine Point Sharpie Marker 

  • Ring Mandrel (optional, studio has several)


By enrolling in this workshop, you agree to our Master Series Cancellation & Refund policies.



  • There are no refunds or credits for Master Series Workshops.

  • By enrolling in a Master Series workshop, you affirm your acceptance of our no refunds policy and represent to us that you possess the appropriate skills to comply with the prerequisites.  

  • Check your calendar carefully and choose wisely before enrolling. 

  • DJS cannot issue a credit or refund as all tuition received goes toward travel expenses, lodging, workshop materials and commitment to the instructor. 

Please contact us with any questions you might have.



Eric Burris: Mokume Gane • Fri–Sun, July 8–10

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  • Metalsmithing 1