Sat, July 23 • 9:30am–5:30pm

Prerequisite: None


Learn to etch silver and other non-ferrous metals in this day-long workshop.

We'll introduce you to using a physical resist, how to transfer your design and give you an overview of the etching process using Cupric Nitrate.


Cupric Nitrate helps you to achieve a clean etch, may be filtered and reused many times, and does not create the stinky, unpleasant fumes or staining that products like Ferric Chloride do.


We will be etching smaller earring- and pendant-sized pieces of silver in this workshop. During this workshop we will be using Sterling Silver to etch, but you may bring additional metals such as brass and copper to experiment with as well.


A small selection of images to etch will be supplied. If you do not wish to use the instructor’s images you may bring your own with the following guidelines:

  • Size: maximum 3x3"
  • Sharp Black and White printout (no grey)
  • Bold images are best, fine lines/hairlines or detail may not transfer or etch well
  • Bring a variety of images (3-8)
  • If you wish to etch metal for earrings have two copies of the image side by side—don’t forget to reverse/flip the second image if you want mirror images




  • 3x3" minimum 20ga Sterling Silver sheet (you may choose to bring more for additional etchings as time allows)
  • 3x3" minimum 22ga Sterling Silver sheet (OPTIONAL; 22ga is a great weight for earrings) 
  • 3x3" minimum 20ga Copper and/or Brass sheet (you may choose to bring more for additional etchings as time allows)
  • Safety Glasses
  • Nitrile Gloves



Contact Hours 8  |  Studio Fee included (a $25 value)

Electro Etching Silver: Sat, July 23

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