Prerequisite: Metalsmithing 1


Explore metal alloys and expand your knowledge about patinas, to add more color and contrast to your work. Learn how to make different Japanese alloys, including Shakudo and Shibuishi, along with bronze and reticulation silver. This is a great workshop if you have taken previous casting classes.


Students will make their own alloys and turn the ingots into sheets. Learn how to use precious metals mixed with other metals to create an alloy with desired characteristics such as color or strength. We will also discuss other alloys and different patina recipes.


MATERIALS KIT FEE:  $95–$125 (depending on market price of gold)

The Materials Kit is in addition to tuition and is payable to the instructor. Kit includes materials and use of items including: copper, tin, 24k gold, inforging rods (handles) brass, carbon rods, binding wire, Flex shaft attachments (large ball bur, heatless wheel), various patinas (Baldwins, liver of silver, ammonia and salt), other and handouts. 



Students are responsible for bringing the following tools & materials

  • 1 ozt Fine Silver casting grain (Rio 100802)
  • Silver Wire Solder (20 or 22g) in Hard, Medium and Easy
  • Sterling silver sheet (optional)
  • soft charcoal soldering block (Rio 502051 or 502023)
  • N95/P95 dust mask
  • solder picks
  • solder tweezers
  • solder snips
  • Jeweler's saw and 2/0 blades and Burlife/beeswax
  • Hand Files  file -coarse (I like #00)  file-fine (I like #2)  
  • sandpaper various grit  
  • calipers
  • ear protection
  • Safety glasses
  • Black Fine Point Sharpies
  • Leather gloves recommended
  • Cash or check made out to Chapin Dimond for materials kit*


  • ball burs- mix sizes
  • optiviser or 10x loupe
  • Finishing flex shaft tools and wheels for polishing and cleaning jewelry, what you normally like to use for clean up/finishing


Contact hours 8

Expanding Your Palette: Sun, July 24

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  • Metalsmithing 1