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Learn the art of flush setting faceted stones. 


Known by various names, this method of mounting faceted stones leaves the top of the stone even with the surface of the metal it’s being set into. There are no prongs or bezels, so your work appears sleek and stylish, with less possibility of catching on clothing or skin. 


Techniques covered will include: 

  • How to measure your faceted stone
  • Prepping the proper gauge of metal to fit your faceted stone
  • Drilling the seat to the correct size and depth
  • Levelling the stone accurately
  • Burnishing the stone into place
  • Testing for a secure fit
  • Cleanup and polishing
  • Troubleshooting 


Your tuition includes a Materials Kit ($20 value) which contains a Sterling Silver bar, setting bur, and twist drill bits.



Bring your Metalsmithing toolbox, including the following items: 

  • 20 each 2.5 mm round faceted CZ, any color
  • GRS C-Max Tapered Flat Graver, #42 (Rio Grande #118205)
  • Graver Handle (we like the half-head wood handle, Rio Grande #118042)
  • Center Punch
  • Scribe (we like the Double-Ended Etching Scribe, Rio Grande #118455)
  • Deluxe Sliding Pocket-Size Gauge (Rio Grand #116075)
  • 3" Dividers (Rio Grande #116224)
  • Safety Glasses, Clear
  • Sticky Wax (if you have it, wax from BabyBel snack cheese also works)
  • Bur Lube or Beeswax
  • Optivisor or reading glasses (for help seeing up close; choose proper focal length)



6 Contact Hours

Flush Setting: Thurs Sept 5, 2024

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