Saturday, July 30 • 10am–2pm

Prerequisite: None


Leather jewelry is growing in popularity and the keychain project in this workshop is a great introduction to hand stitching. Your instructor, Piper Robertson, is recognized in the industry for her exquisite hand stitching of leather purses, bags, belts, knife sheaths and more.


If you have taken our Leather Cuff workshop, you will learn the skills to give your project a professional finish that takes it to the next level. You may bring your finished cuffs to class to work on as time allows.


This workshop will have endless applications for you. Once you learn the techniques from Piper, you can make professional-looking leather bags to protect the highly polished hammers in your inventory, and/or pouches for chasing tools.


A materials kit ($25 value) is included in your tuition and includes leather cord for stitching, and keychain hardware, plus information on leatherworking tools and resources.


The studio will provide the following tools for you to use during the workshop:

Razor Knife

Cutting Mat

Adjustable Creaser

Pricking irons

Punch Pad

Harness Needles

Thread Glue

Edge Bevelers

Tokonole Burnishing Gum

Canvas Pieces



Bring the following tools and materials

  • Nylon head Hammer
  • Sandpaper 220 and 400 grit
  • Leather pieces (studio has some on hand)
  • Finished cuff from Leather Cuff workshop (optional)


LEATHER CUFF workshop is being offered Saturday, July 9



    4 Contact Hours

    Leather Hand Stitching: Sat, July 30

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