Prerequisite: Metalsmithing 1


Lost wax casting is an ancient technique for making jewelry cast in metal from models made of wax.


During this two day workshop, students will learn how to utilize their flex shaft as a wax lathe. Students will turn a ring and a bezel setting in wax. Students will sprue up and invest, cast, learn finishing techniques and set their stone. The flask will be 'burned out' overnight.


The second day students will pour molten metal into the hardened investment (vacuum casting). When the metal cools, the investment is broken away to reveal the cast metal ring, which students will clean and finish and set their stone.



The Materials Kit is in addition to tuition and is payable to the instructor. Kit includes : wax rods, turning collet, Burs, Steel carving/ tuning tools, and other neccessary supplies, consumables and tools for use in completing project.



Students are responsible for bringing the following tools & materials

  • 1–2 ozt Sterling Silver casting grain (MINIMUM) (casting grain or clean scrap)
  • Round cabochon (10–15mm)
  • GRS #40 engraver with handle (Rio #118204)
  • Wax file
  • Two ended wax file (Rio #114136)
  • Bastard file or a wood rasp
  • Files for metal (I like flat #00, and #2)
  • Needle files ( I like round, beret, flat/ Half-round #3)
  • Jewelry Saw and blades
  • Sandpaper/Sanding sticks (various grits)
  • Safety glasses
  • Calipers
  • Dividers
  • Exacto style knife
  • Bezel pusher and rocker
  • Burnisher
  • Jeweler’s Ruler
  • Any flex shaft cleanup tools you have
  • Scraper tools (optional Rio #113164)
  • Respirator/Dust Mask N95 or better (Rio # 201598 or 201669 with 201650)
  • Cash or a check made out to Chapin Dimond for the materials kit


  • Optivisor or magnifiers
  • Dedeco or 3M bristle discs (optional but recommended) (Rio # 326040)
  • Burs—any that you have
  • Any wax carving tools you currently have
  • Any engravers you have


Contact hours 16

Intro to Flex Shaft Lathe and Lost Wax Casting: Sat & Sun, Oct 15–16

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  • Metalsmithing 1