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Lapidary is the process of shaping and polishing stones. In this workshop, Learn how to bring out the natural designs and beauty of a slab. During the workshop, you will take a slab of rock, trim it, then shape and polish it into a finished cabochon ready to bezel set or wire wrap. 


Topics covered:

  • Safety in lapidary
  • Overview of equipment
  • How to design a cabochon, what to look for in a stone and templates
  • Marking out a stone for cutting
  • How to cut a girdle and dome, plus mention of varying dome and girdle heights
  • What makes for a well-cut cabochon
  • Dop wax and dop sticks and how to hold the stone for cutting
  • Different stages of cutting and grinding
  • How to achieve a high polish for different materials


Trim saws and grinding/polishing machines are provided by the studio. 



Bring the following items with you: 

  • Respirator: 3M P100 Household Respirator and 60921 filter cartridges is absolutely preferred. N95 or K95 is acceptable. No other form of mask is permitted.
  • Lapidary slab(s):  3/16" to 1/4" thick Agate or Jasper recommended. There will be some available for purchase at the studio.
  • Waterproof Apron (studio has some to lend)
  • Ultra-fine Sharpie marker
  • Eye protection
  • Pen or pencil and paper for sketches and notes
  • Ear protection (foam earplugs or banded style are fine)


8 Contact Hours  |  Kit fee is included in your tuition ($5 value)

Lapidary 1, Cabochons: Sat, Mar 16

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