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Prerequisite: Lapidary 1


Take your lapidary skills to the next level in this workshop. Students will learn how to fuse different materials together using a variety of techniques, which will then be transformed into cabochons.


We'll cover:

Instarsia: combining different pieces/colors of stone into patterns

Paper Micarta: layers of paper are built up and sealed with resin or epoxy to create a 'slab'. Pages from books, sheet music, colored construction paper are just a few of the materials that can be used.

Doublets: building up stone with stone.


DAY 1:  The focus will be on learning to fuse and create the materials to be turned into cabochons. We'll cover intarsia (combining stones), paper micarta and how to create doublets. 


Day 2 : Students will trim, cut, shape and polish the materials created on the first day into finished cabochon(s).


A $10 Kit Fee is payable directly to the instructor and includes: paper for micarta, foam core board, resin, epoxy, and use of other materials and tools for the creation of micarta, intasia and doublets.


A small selection of slabs will be available for purchase from your instructor. Please bring what you have. Slabs of similar Mohs hardness are recommended for intasia projects. There will be some paper for Micarta, but please bring some of your own, following the guidelines below.




Students are responsible for bringing the following:

⦁ Respirator: 3M P100 Household Respirator with 60921 filter cartridges is absolutely preferred, but N95or KN95 will also work. No other form of mask is permitted.

• Paper for micarta *Bring uncoated paper (i.e. old paperback books, construction paper, cotton art papers, etc.). Do not bring magazines, materials printed on glossy/coated paper, or extra-thick paper (maximum 80lb cover stock).

⦁ Opaque lapidary slabs (slabs with similar Mohs hardness will work best for intasia)

⦁ Transparent lapidary slabs

⦁ Thin black or dark lapidary slabs for intarsia backing (can be substituted with old vinyl record if no stone slabs can be found)
⦁ Ultra-fine sharpie marker
⦁ Eye protection
⦁ Pen/pencil and paper for notes

⦁ Waterproof apron (studio has some to lend)
⦁ Disposable rubber gloves


16 Contact Hours. |. Max 6 students

Lapidary 2: Fusion: Fri & Sat, Dec 29–30

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  • Lapidary 1

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