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Prerequisite: None


This comprehensive workshop introduces students to the fundamentals of metalsmithing while creating a single-cabochon pendant with a bail and hanger. Students may also expect to complete a  pair of earrings with either soldered posts or earwires, and the option to add half-drilled pearls or stones. 


Basic hand tools (saw frame, hand files, hammers, etc.)  are provided for you to use during the course of the workshop.


Upon successful completion of Metals 1, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion for 30 contact hours & 4 hours of free Open Studio Time.



  • Studio habits, safety and simple ergonomics
  • When and how to use a bench shear
  • Sawing and piercing techniques
  • Hammer texturing and stamping
  • Adding texture with a Rolling Mill
  • Filing and sanding
  • Basics of soldering using four temperatures of solder
  • How to make a bezel for a traditional cabochon
  • Firescale removal methods
  • Flex shaft techniques for finishing and polishing
  • Introduction to large machine prep/finishing 



You are responsible for purchasing and bringing your supplies with you on the first day of class. You may choose to purchase the Materials Kit from us for an additional $106.31 (tax included)—just choose "Yes" on the Materials Kit option. Items in bold below are included in the kit. Please note: the kit does not include  a cabochon and bezel wire.


  • 12" plain Fine Silver Bezel (strip) 26 gauge, dead soft, with at least 1 mm above girdle of your chosen stone (both will be checked in class)
  • Cabochon: 20mm diameter (nickle-sized) or larger (up to 30x40mm oval) must have a flat bottom, no facets, and rounded corners if it has any.
  • 2x3" Sterling Silver Sheet, 20 gauge, dead soft
  • 4" Argentium Round Wire, 14 gauge, dead soft
  • 6" Sterling Silver Round Wire, 20 gauge, dead soft
  • 6" each:  22ga Silver Solder Wire in Extra Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard (*label & keep separate)
  • 3x6" Copper sheet, 20 gauge (typically sold in 6x12 sheets)
  • Wet/Dry Sandpaper: 1 sheet each of 220, 320, 400, 600 grit (usually dark gray, full sheets 9x11”)
  • 4 each sanding stick blanks (available in our office for purchase)
  • Dozen 2/0 jeweler’s saw blades
  • Dedeco Try ‘em Silicon Polishing Wheel Assortment and 1/6" screw mandrels
  • 2 each 1" Medium Natural Bristle Brushes (and mandrels if unmounted) 
  • N95/KN95 Face Mask
  • 4 very small plastic containers with separate lids for each compartment for solder chips (2 contact lens cases will work)
  • 1–2 small containers for your scrap silver and leftover copper pieces
  • 1 old tea-towel/t-shirt scrap for polishing (no terrycloth) 
  • Notebook/pen/pencils for taking notes
  • Fine point Sharpie marker


  • Apron
  • Disposable nitrile/latex gloves
  • Optivisor or reading glasses (12–18” focal length)
  • Didymium Plus ACE glasses (for soldering) D&L Art Glass has these locally




You may either bring a cabochon with you, or you have the option to purchase a cabochon and bezel wire from us at an additional cost—they range anywhere from $8–$40 and bezel wire is $10–$14.

Your cabochon selections can be made and paid for on the first day of class.


Cabochons should have a flat bottom, no facets and rounded corners and be sized no smaller than a nickle (20mm) in diameter and no larger than a 40x30mm oval.  


Please contact us with any questions you may have, we'll be happy to answer them. 


30 Contact Hours  |  Studio Fee included in tuition ($25 value)

Metalsmithing 1: Fri–Mon, August 16-19, 2024

  • None

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