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Prerequisite: Metalsmithing 1 or equivalent


Participants will build on skills learned in Metalsmithing 1 and enhance their jewelry making abilities by learning how to make a 5-6 cabochon stone bracelet with a handmade toggle clasp and charm, followed by a textured ring band with a cabochon stone. Detailed written instructions will be provided. 



  • Making multiple pieces at the same time
  • Making jump rings from scratch
  • Working with tubing
  • Fabricating toggle-style end clasps
  • Setting up your work for multiple solders at once
  • Keeping track of multiple components
  • Uniformity in setting multiple stones with modern professional finishing techniques
  • Fabricating a ring band, attaching a bezel, & setting the stone
  • Using a vibratory tumbler 


You are responsible for purchasing your materials and bringing them with you to the first day of class. We have a small selection of cabochons to choose from for your bracelet and ring. Cabochons should be no smaller than a dime (18mm) and no larger than a 30x40mm oval. 


  • 5-7 Cabochons, flat bottoms, nickel to quarter sized, any shape, no sharp corners, all same height! (bracelet)
  • 1 Cabochon, flat bottom, not faceted, no smaller than a dime, no sharp corners
  • Bezel wire: 2 feet or more plain 26ga Fine Silver bezel, dead soft, for all cabs (height must match stones: need 1mm above girdle line on stone for proper fit, ring might need a different height of bezel) we will check them all first morning
  • 2 feet Sterling Silver Round Wire, 16ga, dead soft
  • 8" Argentium round wire, 14ga, dead soft
  • 3" of Sterling Silver Heavy-Wall Tubing, 3.0mm outer diameter  (usually sold in 1 ft lengths)
  • 2x6" Sterling Silver sheet, 20 gauge, dead soft (if you get larger stones, you might want a 3x6)
  • 6" of Sterling Silver Rectangle Wire, 4x1.63mm, dead soft
  • H, E, M, XE silver wire solder, 22 ga; you will need 2 feet of Medium for this workshop
  • Center punch/Scribe
  • Jeweler’s saw frame (4 or 5-inch)
  • Dozen 2/0 jeweler’s saw blades
  • Nylon-head mallet, 5 oz. 
  • Jeweler’s ruler (6-inch)
  • 14 mm looping pliers (also called wrap n tap pliers, made by Eurotool)
  • 1 each flat nose, round nose, and chain nose pliers (available in set)
  • Flushcut Wire Cutters 
  • Half-round Habilis file, cut #00
  • Half-round round needle file and round needle file, cut 0 (or get the set here)
  • 1 black abrasive cylinder (Dedeco makes these, 15/16"L x 1/2" dia.) and 1 mandrel for abrasive cylinder
  • Bezel roller (not a burnisher)
  • Safety glasses
  • Beeswax/Saw blade lube (BurLife)
  • N95, KN95 or P95 face mask
  • Steel brush**
  • Dedeco Silicone Polishing Wheel Assortment and 1/6" screw mandrels
  • 2 each: 1" medium felt wheel and mandrels.


  • Flat Nose Pliers with Nylon Jaws
  • Brass texture plate (pattern for ring band)
  • Apron
  • Ring sizer set (metal or plastic)
  • Fine Tip Sharpie marker
  • 1-inch wide painter's tape or masking tape
  • whiteout with brush
  • Old tea towel  or t-shirt for polishing on
  • Piece of soft leather or suede (approx 4x6)
  • 1 ¾" T-Pins
  • Small container for silver scraps
  • 1 pair close-fitting disposable gloves for polishing (nitrile or latex)


30 Contact Hours  |  Studio Fee included in tuition ($25 value)

Metalsmithing 2: Sat & Sun, August 3-4 & August 10-11

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  • Metalsmithing 1

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