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Prerequisite: None


This workshop will cover the creation and use of molds to make multiples of a fabricated or cast piece you want to duplicate.  We will focus on the heat vulcanizing technique commonly called a “Powder Mold”.  This technique eliminates the need to cut the mold open with a scalpel.  Each participant will have the opportunity to make wax models from their new mold by use of a wax injector.  


PLEASE NOTE: mold materials contain Latex. Those with allergies, please be aware.


A Materials Kit ($20 value) is included in your tuition and contains mold materials and wax for injection.


Bring the following items: 

  • Finished pieces that you have fabricated or cast to make a mold 
    (No bracelets or large pieces for this introductory course)


8 Contact Hours

Mold Making: Tues July 25, 2024

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