Prerequisite: Metalsmithing 1


Create beautiful dimensional designs in a pendant, reminiscent of chasing and repoussé, without the expense or mess of using pitch!


The depth and design elements learned will provide a new way to take your jewelry-making techniques to a spectacular design that mimics the appearance of what a hydraulic press—or chasing and repoussé—can do. It will become your mobile creativity technique without the cost of expensive equipment. 


Design is an important part of the process, and you will learn an innovative way to achieve design quickly and efficiently. You will have the opportunity to explore design by first making multiple pieces out of copper. Your final piece, in Sterling silver, will be created from the techniques you used to create your one-of-a-kind copper pieces. 


If you are an enamellist, these uniquely formed copper pieces can easily be used to enamel on top of. This will give you infinite enameling options that are your own exclusive design. 


Techniques learned include: 

  • Design a basic desired shape
  • Layout of design using cut and shaped brass wire prototypes
  • Techniques in moving the metal to your desired design outcome
  • Exploration of small hand tools to achieve dimension, transferable to any of your jewelry designs
  • Planning for the final design to be completed in Sterling silver
  • Creating your final design in Sterling silver
  • Shaping the final design from techniques previously learned
  • Cutting, filing, and fitting parts to the final design
  • Clean up and polishing 



Bring your Metalsmithing toolbox, including the following items:

  • 3x2" piece 22 ga Sterling silver sheet or other metal of your choice 
  • Sandbag (contact studio to order one if desired)
  • 12" of brass wire, in a variety of gauges from 12–18ga
  • Sterling silver wire, tubing, or metal sheet to make a bail for your piece
  • Half-Round Habilis file, 00 or 1 cut
  • Sandpaper 220, 320, 400 & 600 grit
  • Solder in H, M, E, XE
  • Metal jeweler's ruler
  • Texture plates (Studio has these to lend)
  • Jewelers' saw frame, blades, and beeswax
  • Silly Putty (found in the kid’s toy section)
  • Face mask (P95 or N95;  particulate respirator or similar)
  • Apron 



Contact Hours 8  |  Studio Fee included (a $5 value)

Sandbag Forming: Thu, July 7

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  • Metalsmithing 1