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Prerequisite:  Metalsmithing 1 or equivalent


Welcome to a different type of spin class! 


In this workshop, students will learn an easy and endlessly customizable way to create spinning or fidget rings. Spinning rings are popular sellers that can be customized to fit any style and are a fun item of jewelry to produce and wear. 


Students will be introduced to a myriad of options available in creating the spinning ring parts including learning how to twist, texture and modify wire to achieve a unique look. This class provides students with enough time to create several different spinning parts during this workshop, so come prepared to create one to two finished rings and multiple parts depending on each student’s skill set.


Techniques covered in this workshop include: 

  • Twist, texture and modify wire to create spinner components
  • How to combine different textures and finishes to create dynamic rings
  • How to size spinner bands to spin around the ring size
  • How to stretch or reduce spinners that are too small or too large
  • The most expedient way to clean up solder on the inside of wide ring bands
  • How to flare both sides of the ring band evenly anticlastic-style to trap spinner components 



  • 1x3” 20 ga Sterling Silver sheet, dead soft
  • 1 foot Sterling Silver Round wire, 16ga, dead soft
  • Silver Wire Solder in  hard, medium, easy, extra-easy (20ga or 22ga)
  • wire cutters
  • chain nose pliers
  • 14mm Looping Pliers (Wrap and Tap, Otto Frei #146.392)
  • Nylon Head Mallet, 5 oz. (Rio Grande #119327)
  • Inside Ring Polisher, Black Abrasive (Rio Grande #332757)
  • Mandrel for abrasive cylinder
  • Silicone Abrasive Polishing Wheels, Black, Blue and Pink (Rio Grande #332579) and mandrels
  • Slotted mandrel or Slotted mandrel set Rio Grande item or #333136
  • 320, 400, 600 grit sandpaper
  • Radial Bristle Discs in blue, peach and green, plus mandrels
  • Half-Round Habilis file, cut #00
  • Half-Round needle file and round needle file, cut 0 (or get the set here)
  • N95 or KN95 facemask


  • Brass texture plate (Cool Tools and Santa Fe Jewelers Supply)
  • Patterned silver, copper or brass wire, bead wire or half-round wire
  • Ultra Fine tip sharpie
  • White-out w/brush
  • Apron


8 Contact Hours | Studio fee is included in your tuition ($5 value)

Spinner Rings: Sun, Jun 2

SKU: 026278
  • Metalsmithing 1

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