Prerequisite: Metalsmithing 2


Join us and learn how to arrange stones on top of each other. It's fun, and another way for your work to stand out. This method can be used in many different types and styles of jewelry.


In this two-day workshop, instructor Nan Blair will teach participants how to design and execute a pendant with a smaller stone on top of a larger bottom one. You are asked to bring 10 sets of smaller and larger stone cabochons to decide in the workshop which are best to work with.


Nan is well known for her sterling fusing techniques and stone on stone technique. Everyone loves her laid back, friendly teaching style and goes home excited with what they have learned.


DAY 1: Students will focus primarily on arranging their chosen stones, plus drilling, bezel setting and pinning. Time in the afternoon will be spent designing the pendant itself and making sure each student has the neccessary materials needed to build their creation.


DAY 2: Students will build the pendant, set stones and polish their piece.



Bring your metalsmithing toolbox (jeweler's saw, handfiles, sanding sticks, etc.) and the following:

  • Bring 5–10 groupings of stones, 10–20 stones. The top stone needs to fit flat on the base stone
  • Diamond Core Drill Bit Set (Rio Grande #349016)
  • Diamond Ball Bur, 2.4mm
  • Diamond Ball Bur, 2.4mm

  • Sterling Silver sheet, 26ga for the top stones (enough for all stones)
  • Sterling Silver sheet, 24g for the base stones (enough for all stones)
  • Fine Silver Bezel wire (enough for all your stones)
  • Misc. Silver for additional designs and bails (24g)
  • 8" or more Sterling Silver Round Wire, 16ga 
  • 8" or more Sterling Silver Round Wire, 14ga
  • 8" or more Sterling Tubing, 1.45mm Outer Diameter
  • Silver Wire Solder in H, M, E, XE
  • Soap Dish ceramic, stone or glass (Approx. 1.25” deep, 6” long, 3.5”wide)
  • Scribe
  • Dividers
  • Bezel Roller
  • Burnisher
  • Jeweler's Metal Ruler
  • Ultra Fine Point Sharpies
  • Quick setting 2-part epoxy
  • toothpicks, aluminum foil, nail polish remover, paper towels, dish towel
  • Safety Glasses
  • N95 or better facemask/particulate respirator



Contact Hours 16  |  Studio Fee included (a $10 value)

Stone on Stone: Mon & Tue, Dec 5–6

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  • Metalsmithing 2