Prerequisite: None


This workshop covers the subtractive method of wax carving utilizing files and burs to carve your desired model. You will also learn the techniques to get the proper finish on the wax to avoid unnecessary clean-up of your cast piece. 



  • Spiral Wax Saw Blades #2 (Rio Grand 110065)
  • Jeweler's Saw frame
  • Scribe
  • Center Punch
  • Jeweler’s 6" ruler
  • AdvantEdge Wax Bur Set; set of 4  (Rio Grande #346193 or similar)
  • Wax Carving File Set of 4  (Rio Grande #700274 or similar)


Your tuition includes a Materials Kit ($15 value)


8 Contact Hours

Wax Carving: Wed & Thu, Nov 9–10

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