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John Petet

John Petet

John is a permanent studio artist and instructor at Denver Jewelry Studio, where students have access to his vast knowledge and expertise.

Growing up in the mountains of Colorado and having a geologist for a grandfather, John Petet was fascinated with minerals, crystals, and gemstones.  He was also influenced by the arts, especially the colors of nature, as a result of having a professional landscape artist for a mother.  John entered the University of Colorado at Boulder focused on a degree in architecture but soon discovered it too confining for his artistic imagination.  He turned to the fine arts where he earned his bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in sculpture and ceramics.  John found his true voice when he applied his ability to sculpt at the smaller scale of jewelry.

30 years of extensive study, real-world experience and constant experimentation give John the technical foundation to create jewelry that exudes beauty, quality and versatility.  His designs incorporate organic forms and geometric shapes that not only appeal to the eye but also the hand, making his jewelry wearable from denim to dress-up.

Many designers make beautiful jewelry.  The heart of John Petet’s jewelry is about creating relationships: shape and form, clean lines and texture, artist and wearer.

See John's work on his website HERE

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