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Judy Brown

Judy Brown

Judy Brown is the owner of the new Denver Jewelry Studio, formerly The Denver School of Jewelry Arts, now located in beautiful Littleton, Colorado. 

Judy Brown has pursued jewelry making for twelve years through classes and workshops with Randy Burns, David Huang, Harold O’Connor, Travis Ogden, Marne Ryan, Carol Webb and many other great jewelers. Through her academic pursuit of jewelry arts, she has won several awards for her work through Colorado Gallery of the Arts, and Naja’s annual contest. In 2014 she was awarded The Colorado Gallery of the Arts Best of Show (of all the art mediums including, painting, photography and ceramics). Judy’s work has been sold in two of Denver’s prestigious Art Galleries. She has been teaching classes at the Denver School of Metal Arts for several years. “I enjoy the interaction with students. It’s fun to see the results of creativity from their personal perspectives.” 

Judy’s degree in accounting and her career as an auditor, project manager and her own consulting business, never gave her time to be creative even though the yearning was there. She was surrounded by the arts through her brother’s bronze sculptures and her husband’s fine art photography. “I thought the arts had evaded me until I discovered metalsmithing. I love the textures found in nature and the ability to mimic them in manipulating metal. I’m a lifelong learner and I find it compelling to experiment with metals techniques.”

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