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Melissa Muir

Melissa Muir

Melissa's journey into jewelry arts begain as a creative outlet while living in Washington DC—it all started with cheap colored wire and a terrible pair of pliers. While she found the tools and materials used in metalsmithing fascinating, she was quickly overwhelmed and realized others felt the same way, and Tool Time Tuesday was born. 

For more than a decade, Melissa has used her skills as a talented educator to help thousands of people become more knowledgeable about tools, their uses, care and maintenance and more.  She has worked with some of the largest names in the industry as she shares her knowledge and love of various metalsmithing techniques. 

She has taught internationally and all over the United States. Melissa's popular YouTube Channel features Tool Time Tuesday and Weekend Jewelry, plus video tool reviews and tutorials including those made with Alan Revere for his book, Professional Jewelry Making

As of Spring 2022, Melissa is in the finishing stages of completing a book on making jewelry with the hydraulic press.

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