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Patti Kawakami

Patti Kawakami

Patti began her career of metalsmithing in 2014, after sending her four children off to college. She has continued honing her craft through a wide variety of metalsmithing and design workshops.

Her passion and natural talent was evident when she won first place in Design and Fabrication at the Naja Tools design contest 2015. From that point, she began selling her jewelry and took what was a hobby to a successful business, Noble Jewelry Designs. 

As her metalsmithing career evolved, Patti moved onto lapidary work and stone cutting and has studied with Master Lapidarist, Lexx Stones (based in NYC) and John F. Heusler G.G. (GIA). Creating uniquely shaped cabochons is a signature design for Patti's one-of-a-kind jewelry.

She puts her vision statement, “Serving others through inspired designs and meaningful creations,”into practice by donating her time and creations to charities close to her heart.

Patti is a member of Metalsmith Society and the Colorado Metalsmithing Association (CoMA).

To see her work, visit Noble Jewelry Designs

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