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Suzanne Williams

Suzanne Williams

I graduated from Colorado State University in 1980 with a degree in fine art/printmaking, and later worked as a graphic artist, illustrator, fine artist, and technician in art/bronze casting foundries before beginning my jewelry-making career in 1990.

Over the years I have shown my work in many galleries, art festivals and group shows, while continuing to expand my artistic horizons by learning and applying new techniques and approaches to creating my 3-dimensional jewelry.  My current focus is on developing designs for clasps and closures.

I’ve always included clasps in my own jewelry designs, but have recently intensified my exploration and development of new and interesting ways to join jewelry elements together with clasps being an integral part of the overall design.  I have also begun teaching workshops that further explore these novel and unconventional approaches to the design, creation and functionality of clasps. In this clasp-making workshop, we will create clasps and closures that are unique, functional, fun to make, intriguing and engaging to look at, and that invite – like a puzzle - being taken apart and put back together.

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