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Toyoko Young

Toyoko Young

In my studio at home, I often choose some gemstones, put them on my desk, and start thinking about designs that would fit each gemstone. Sometimes, I bring out wire, metal sheet, or casted metal and play with them. It's fun and opens my mind and creativity.

I keep a small sketchbook in my purse so that when I get an inspiration, I can sketch it immediately. I believe design ideas can be found everywhere-on objects, on the street, unique shape of stones or wood, shape of mountains, contours of towns, flowers or leaves. I enjoy my time finding and creating. Sometimes I make jewelry from casted twigs, leaves, flowers, twine and rocks.

As accents, I use gold or gold paste. The combination of silver and gold makes excellent harmony. I often use gemstones and sometimes I hand craft them. Looking for unique stones is fun. I also enjoy using the combination of PMC and regular metals.

My artistic education spans oil painting, drawing and Japanese painting (learned from master craftsmen in Japan) and advanced metalsmithing at Arapahoe Community College. 

My paintings and jewelry have been displayed in art and craft shows, such as The Pearl Street Art Festival, Winter Park Alpine Art Festival, Fine Arts & Crafts Festival in Estes Park, Castle Rock Artfest and Golden Fine Arts Festival.

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