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In this two-hour workshop you will be shown how to make a cuff using the GRS forming tool—these cuffs can be made in 30 minutes!


We'll cover the forming process, plus how to add surface embellishments, and troubleshooting techniques. Troubleshooting is an easy fix for making cuffs wider than the GRS forming capacity.


Once you have learned the proper techniques for using this tool, it will be available to you in Denver Jewelry Studio’s Open Studio Time. Since there is only one tool, you will need to reserve it for your Open Studio Time. This method is a production time saver!


Each participant should be able to complete one cuff during the workshop.

Open Studio Time (OST) will be available directly afterwards for those wishing to make additional cuffs. The current OST rate applies.



Textured Cuff:

  • 20 ga sheet metal of your choice (sterling, brass, or copper); 1.5 x 6" strip
  • Texture Plates or other materials (fabric, decorative paper, etc.) that can go through the rolling mill

Plain cuff:

  • 22 ga sheet metal of your choice (sterling, brass, or copper); 1.5 x 6" strip minimum


You can go up to 1.75” wide with this technique.


Everything else is available in the Studio, but you may bring your metalsmithing toolbox if you prefer.


2 Contact Hours

30 Minute Cuff: Date TBD

  • None

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