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Prerequisite: Metalsmithing 1 or equivalent


They used to call me—Andy Cooperman—“The Crusher” for my heavy hand in stone setting. I had to find a new way to use stones without breaking them. What began as a work-around became a way of working: This is Capturing.


“When you’re a hammer everything looks like a nail.” Well, once we take a close look at what is really happening when we set a stone and then reinterpret and reapply those principles, anything—from found objects to enamels, organic materials to plastic chickens—can become a gemstone. Even a gemstone.


Imaginative Captures can help you develop new, elegant, more fully integrated setting (capturing) solutions. This information-packed workshop is full of tips and tricks that can help you find a new way to look at what and how you are making and break down some of the rigid walls that exist between ideas, process and materials. We’ll get up close and personal with the flex shaft, soldering, riveting and cold connecting and liberate the problem solver within!


So, if you can’t figure out a special way to use that stone, enamel or little found treasure that’s been lying on your bench for years, Imaginative Captures may be just what you’re looking for.


Participants must have basic jewelry skills and experience with the rolling mill, torches, hammers, buffers, etc. Required skills include drilling with the flex shaft machine, sawing, filing, silver soldering and basic bezel setting. Those who enroll must be able to solder unattended.


MATERIALS KIT $30, payable directly to instructor



Students will need to bring the following:

Since each of your projects will be for the most part personally driven, there is NO SET LIST of materials. But, you will need metal to work with. Whatever metal you think that you may wish to make one (or several) small brooches, or jewelry/objects from. This can include sterling, copper, brass, bronze (even small amounts of gold). Remember, we can always roll down thicker material or roll & draw down wire.

Please bring:

  • Sheet metal (copper, brass, bronze, sterling silver, gold) 18-22ga, at least 6x6"
  • Wire for riveting: Brass, copper, silver: 18 or 20ga, round
  • Silver solder in Hard, Medium and Easy
  • Several "found" objects to incorporate (see below **)

Bring your metalsmithing toolbox with your preferred handtools such as:

  • Jeweler's Saw Frame
  • Saw blades: 2/0 and 6/0 , plus bees wax/bur life
  • Burnisher (curved or straight)
  • Small Riveting or Goldsmith's hammer
  • Hand vise, ring clamp, etc.
  • Solder pick
  • Measuring devices (if you have or use them): MM gauge/calipers or Degree gauge
  • Drill bits: any you have, especially:
    -1mm (18ga) approx. #58
    -0.8mm (20ga) approx. #66
  • Jeweler’s ruler (6-inch)
  • Pliers: Flat nose, round nose, and chain nose, etc.
  • Flushcut Wire Cutters
  • Your favorite hand files such as Half-round Habilis #0–#2Needle files cut #0–#2
  • Bezel roller
  • Sandpaper/Sanding Sticks in 220, 320, 400 and 600 grit
  • Your favorite Polishing wheels, burs, buffs, abrasives and attachments for FlexShaft
  • N95, KN95 or P95 face mask
  • Safety Glasses


  • Apron
  • Eye Magnification


**Aside from METAL to work with, please DO NOT FREAK OUT if you don’t have any of the above.

What IS IMPORTANT is that you bring one or more objects that you want to build your work around; a stone, a mineral, a bead, a button, a found object, an enamel, whatever, since this will be what we will focus on.




    • Once you have enrolled and paid tuition, there are no refunds or credits for Master Series Workshops if you are unable to attend.
    • By enrolling in a Master Series workshop, you affirm your acceptance of our no refunds policy and represent to us that you possess the appropriate skills to comply with the prerequisites.
    • Check your calendar carefully and choose wisely before enrolling.
    • In the event that DJS must cancel the workshop, a refund or credit will be issued.


    Andy Cooperman • Imaginative Captures: Mon–Thu, July 15–18, 2024

    SKU: 025183
    • Metalsmithing 1 or equivalent

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