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Using silver and gold foil on flat and slightly formed copper in combination with sifted
transparent enamels allows for achieving clear, beautiful colors directly on copper, silver and
gold in the same piece of enamel.
Participants will learn methods for creating depth, complexity, detail and color range
possibilities when using transparent enamels on flat, textured and formed copper. Essential
information and skills for successful sifted transparent enamel powder application will be
demonstrated and will allow for the creation of gorgeous, clear and colorful enameled surface

Basic information will include...
- work area and materials – choices, set-up and safe procedures
- metals and enamel types suitable for this technique
- metal preparation, cleaning, texturing and doming procedures
- sifted enamel application and firing methods for counter enamel and base coats on
flat and slightly formed metal
- edge finishing

Specific eessentials when using transparent colors
- particle size choice for sifted applications
- washing vs. grade sifting - how to clean and prepare transparent enamels
- color choices – which TR colors do/don’t work well directly on copper and silver
- achieving maximum clarity and rich, gorgeous color directly on copper
- layering transparent colors for depth, detail and (most importantly) clarity
- use of sgrafitto, stencils and dry screen printing* direct on copper in order to utilize
firescale development as a design detail
- subtle integration of textured metal under transparent enamels
- use of underglaze black to enhance textures
- cutting and application methods for gold and silver foil

The objective is for participants to...
- understand enameling basics relative to sifted transparent enameling on copper
and foils
- gain confidence while exploring and experimenting with this enameling technique
and using the processes learned on their own.
- achieve exciting surfaces that exceed expected results.


Teaching materials provided by the instructor
- supplies in a "kit" to be purchased by each participant
- handout - outlining the topics covered with illustrations and space for participant notes
- counter enamel
- sifter sets - 4 sifters per set - 80, 100, 150, 200 mesh - 1 set for each student to use during
the workshop.
*Sifter sets will be available for (optional) purchase by students at $45 per set of four.
- graded sifter set(s) - 80, 100,150,200, 325 sets for class to use during the workshop
*graded sifter sets will be available for (optional) purchase by students at $55 per set.
Barbara can bring more if there is interest from school or students in purchasing
additional sets.

Materials and tools provided by the school and/or students
- copper shapes - minimum size 1.5x1.5 inch, maximum 2x2 inch. Any shape
- scalex
- glass brush
- alundum stone
- enameling kiln
- firing fork,
- firing racks - at least 2 per kiln - or 1 per participant
- trivets that will hold up to a 2inch diameter circle or square piece of copper - 2 per student
- transparent powdered enamels - selection of colors is up to what is available at the school
- metal files #2 cut,
- enamel grinding/filing options - any one of these three will be good
1. #60 grit diamond sanding pad - 2 for class use
2. coarse carborundum grinding stone - 2 for class use
3. diamond hand file
- ultrasonic cleaner
- fine tip permanent marker - 1 per student
- C-Thru ruler or any ruler - 1 per student
- very small #0 pointed paint brush
- small pointed tweezers
- small pointed scissors
- tracing paper
- fine silver enameling foil
- 23-24 karat gold enameling foil - optional
- shiny magazine paper - lots - to catch excess sifted enamel - each piece of paper will be
used only once so at least 20-30+ pieces per student
- sink
- pickle pot
- Scotch Brite green scrubber pads - new
- powdered pumice
- new jewelry brass brush
- rolling mill
- chasing tools
- chasing hammer
- steel bench block
- texturing hammer - only if you already have one

Barbara Minor: Transparent Enameling • Sept 12-15

SKU: 026036
  • Barbara Minor

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