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Prerequisite:  Metalsmithing 1


You "do-nut" want to miss this new Mini Series workshop! Participants will learn to make a set of playful and timeless earrings with great dimension. The workshop includes instruction on how to create these compelling anticlastic shapes from sheet metal, as well as how to create and assemble simple ear wires. 



  • 2x2 sheet of 22 or 24g Sterling sheet (Use 22g if roller printing)
  • 8” of Sterling wire 20g
  • Texture plates if desired
  • Sanding sticks or sheets of sand paper in 220, 320, 400 & 600 grit
  • Polishing tools for the flex shaft (Dedecco or equivalent). 
  • Pliers of choice for forming ear wires (round nose, flat nose, nylon tipped, etc)
  • Flush cutting pliers for ear wires
  • Drill bit .81mm

Donut Earrings: Date TBD

  • Metalsmithing 1

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