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Hold off on the refinery, because this mini-series workshop will have participants repurposing dirty, solder-covered scraps. Students will discover the textural possibilities of a seemingly ubiquitous yet often overlooked cornerstone of our benchtops – the firebrick! Be amazed at how an erratic, granular textured sheet of scrap can quickly be reinvigorated into something beautiful and practical.



Bring your Metalsmithing toolbox, including the following items: 

  • 20g or more sterling silver scrap (pieces with solder are OK!)
  • Sterling silver wire for your ring band (if desired, we can repurpose scrap into wire for your band instead)
  • Needle file assortment
  • Jeweler’s Saw frame
  • 2/0 saw blades and wax/blade lube
  • Silver wire solder (M or H preferably)
  • Flexshaft finishing tools of your choice (sanding drums, bristle disc wheels, abrasive wheels, etc)
  • Protective eyewear
  • N95 or P95 face mask or particulate respirator 

Firebrick Ring: Date TBD

  • Metalsmithing 1 or equivalent

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