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Prerequisite: Metalsmithing 1 or equivalent


In this 2-day workshop, students will learn the techniques of fusing Sterling silver, explore different types of textures and then use their own unique fused sheets to create a finished piece, such as a ring or pendant.


Fusing is a creative way to add depth and texture to jewelry pieces and can range from the simple to the complex—plus, it is an excellent way to transform clean sterling scraps into something new. Each fusing is as unique as the person creating it.


Day 1:  Participants will spend most of the day learning how to fuse, including troubleshooting, experimenting with texture and creating textured panels to be used in future earrings, pendants or rings.


Day 2:  Students will work on transforming their fused panels into at least one finished piece.


Students can expect to make several fused-texture panels for use future projects and up to two finished pieces, depending on skill level. 




Bring your Metalsmithing toolbox, including the following items: 

  • 6x6" 20ga Brass sheet
  • 6x6" 24ga Sterling Sheet
  • Clean Sterling Silver Scrap 24–30ga
  • Jeweler’s ruler 
  • Divider (Rio Grande #116328)
  • Drill Bits, 0.6mm (Rio Grande #349091)
  • Tweezers (Rio Grande #115561, or #115013)
  • Griffith Pripp’s liquid flux (Amazon)
  • Misting bottle for flux (Amazon)
  • Large Charcoal Block, Hard (Rio Grande #502027)
  • Grey Mizzy wheel w/ mandrel (Rio Grande #333109, #332189 or Amazon)
  • Silicone Carbide Cutting Wheels, Slim (Rio Grande #337873)
  • Eve High-Flex Blue Knife-Edge Polishing whee, Medium (Rio Grande #33240410)
  • Jewelers Saw and 5/0 Saw Blades
  • Fiskars 6" Micro-Tip Pruning Shears (Amazon 399211-1001 )
  • Metalsmithing 1 tools to include saw blades, drill bits, hand files, sandpaper/sanding sticks and Foredom Flexshaft accessories 


16 Contact Hours | Studio fee ($10 value) is included in your tuition

Fusing with Sterling Silver: Sat & Sun, Apr 27-28

SKU: 026690
  • Metalsmithing 1 or equivalent

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