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Prerequisite: Metalsmithing 1 or equivalent


Many metalsmiths struggle with becoming proficient in soldering. Without proper guidance and practice it is difficult to progress in this very important aspect of creating metal jewelry. This essential workshop is specifically designed to foster an atmosphere of support and encouragement. Sara will be right there supervising your soldering and offering suggestions. She will help make this complicated process easier and even enjoyable.


Now is the time to get some hands-on guidance and lots of practice doing only soldering. This is an amazing ‘techniques only’ class with 8 hours to invest in getting a lot more comfortable flowing solder(s) in a variety of situations and configurations.


Step by step, you will learn how to do a variety of soldering without worrying about melting anything. All soldering will be done with red brass which is cheaper than silver and performs very closely to silver during the soldering process.


Participants will set up and do many different types of soldering using different solders in these processes. By the end of the day, you will have a greater technical understanding of how to use the torch to properly flow solders and be more confident to try soldering silver and other metals on your own.


In the morning, Sara will address the principals of soldering and good practices when soldering. You will learn about the properties of solder and when to use which solder. In the afternoon, participants will practice soldering and problem solve any issues that may arise.


Bring your Metalsmithing toolbox, including the following items:

  • Silver Solder in extra easy, easy, medium & hard 
  • 22 gauge red brass sheet, 6x12"
  • 20g Sterling Silver Round Wire (or brass), 6"
  • 1/2 round Habilis file, cut #00
  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Metal jeweler’s ruler
  • Sharpie marker
  • (Optional) 14 mm looping pliers (also called wrap-n-tap pliers, made by Eurotool)


8 Contact Hours | Studio fee included ($10 value)

Get Comfortable with Soldering: Fri, May 24

SKU: 026256
  • Metalsmithing 1 or equivalent

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