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In this Mini Series workshop, students will learn to fabricate post-hoop earrings from scratch. This streamlined approach will make it easy to add these amusing earrings to your repertoire. The design is lovely as a standalone, but also offers endless possibilities for customization and embellishment.

Materials & Tools

-8 inches of 10 gauge round wire in Sterling Silver, Copper, and/or Brass

-4 inches of Sterling Silver round wire, 20ga

-#60 twist drill bit

-1.2mm cup bur

-Easy wire solder, 22ga (bring leftovers from Metals 1)

-4 or 5 inch Jeweler's saw frame (German adjustable, Green Lion, etc)

-Dozen 2/0 saw blades and saw blade lubricant

-6 inch Jeweler's ruler

-Flush-cut wire cutters (Xuron, Lindstrom, etc)

-Flat-nose parallel pliers (brass or nylon jaws preferred)

-N95, KN95, or P95 mask

-Dedeco Silicone Polishing Wheel assortment and 1/16 screw mandrels (bring what you have from Metals 1)



-Wolf Soldering Clay

-Safety glasses


-Fine tip sharpie

Hoop Earrings: Mon, May 13

SKU: 026223
  • Metalsmithing 1

  • Monday

    May 13th, 2024

    10am - 12pm

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