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Prerequisite: Metalsmithing 1


Take your designs from flat to three dimensional with this in-depth workshop from Jayne Redman. Learn the innovative design and assembly concepts that Jayne has developed over 40 plus years of metalsmithing.


Jayne will teach you the principles behind centrally radiating forms, properly nested forms, spacing for slotted forms, faux hinge assembly, and tab construction. She will show you how to use your computer as a design tool and how to duplicate the same steps manually.


Learn how to make blanking (pancake) dies to quickly cut out the shapes you develop in class and get lost in the process of experimenting with forming and assembly. Speed up your production or incorporate identical shapes in one-of-a-kind pieces. 


Techniques taught:

• Developing flat patterns used for three dimensional forms

• Prototyping with heavy aluminum foil

• Using your computer as a design tool or creating the same design manually. 

• Layout for a correctly designed blanking die

• How to correctly use a saw frame and choosing saw blades for sawing tool steel

• How to determine rotational angle of your bench pin relative to thickness of tool steel and saw blade

• How to saw a blanking die out of tool steel

• How to use a hydraulic press or bench vise to blank out metal with blanking dies

• Tips and tricks using flex shaft accessories

• How to make your own forming tools


MATERIALS KIT: $140 is in addition to your tuition, and is payable directly to the instructor.

Each kit contains: Tool Steel – 2x4x1/32″, 9x4x1/32″, 9x4x3/64″, Circular protractor, Thermal plastic , 4 ea Cast acrylic (3x3x0.25″), 3 ea Cast Acrylic (3x3x0.5″), 2 doz Saw Blades(Super Pike and Pike Platinum), Skip Tooth Saw blades, Separating Discs, Snap on Discs and mandrel, Radial Bristle Discs, Screw mandrel, #52 drill bit, Handouts


A rotational bench pin and magnetic protractor are necessary to make blanking dies. Jayne will supply them for students to use while taking in-person classes. Jayne’s Bench Pin Dovetail System is compatible with GRS mounting plates. The Rotational Bench Pin is available for purchase in advance of the workshop. Please contact Jayne Redman directly if you are interested.


Learn more about Jayne here.



Bring your metalsmithing toolbox including the following items:

  • 5–6" deep Jeweler's Saw Frame
  • Center Punch
  • 1.5mm ball bur
  • Dividers
  • Bur life
  • #58 or #60 HSS Twist Drill bits (Rio Grande #349419)
  • Joyce Chen Shears or similar
  • Flat or Half-round hand file, #0 or #1 cut
  • Copper and/or brass to test dies, 22ga
  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Exacto knife

  • Apron 

  • Dust mask

  • Safety Glasses


  • Laptop or Tablet with Adobe Photoshop installed
  • Eye Magnification
  • Silver or gold sheet: 23 gauge or thinner to use with blanking dies 1/32” thick – 19 gauge or thinner to use with blanking dies 3/64” thick; (sheet stock can be rolled down to appropriate gauge)
  • Delrin/Acetal Round Rod Assortment 1/4" to 1", (from Online Metals or PlastiCare)
  • Wolf Wax Trimmer  (Rio Grande #700333) used with a cylinder bur to create 90 degree walls on your silhouette die for mirror image pieces

  • Wolf Wax High Speed Cylinder Wax Burs25mm x 6.3mm, 25mm x 4.7mm, 25mm x 3.3mm (Rio Grande #345013, 345012, 345011; or Otto Frei #119.850, 119.851, 119.852)

  • eye magnification

  • additional saw blades in 2/0 or 3/0 (you will receive some in your kit, but you may want more)



  • Once you have enrolled and paid tuition, there are no refunds or credits for Master Series Workshops if you are unable to attend.
  • By enrolling in a Master Series workshop, you affirm your acceptance of our no refunds policy and represent to us that you possess the appropriate skills to comply with the prerequisites.
  • Check your calendar carefully and choose wisely before enrolling.
  • In the event that DJS must cancel the workshop, a refund or credit will be issued.


Please contact us with any questions you might have.


Contact Hours: 28

Jayne Redman • Prototype to Production: Fri–Mon, May 24–27, 2024

SKU: 024749
  • Metalsmithing 1

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