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The Jeweler's Journey: Inspiration to Manifestation

You’ve probably taken a ton of classes and learned how to make projects—often the teacher's design. You may find this fun but ultimately unfulfilling. This workshop is not project-based, it's about what is personal to you. All art begins with inspiration. In this workshop, we will begin by looking at how and what you see, what influences your work and how to use design principles to create jewelry that is in your voice, not someone else's. You will be encouraged to push yourself and design a piece outside your comfort zone. You will be guided to explore techniques you have not used before. It will be hard, but it will also set you free!

What you will learn: How to access your creativity and develop skills that will form the foundation of your artistic practice. Each student will receive personal guidance through design, materials, and fabrication techniques. Demos will be specifically designed to fit the needs of each student’s design.

Day 1:

Lesley will start the workshop with a lecture and slideshow outlining design principles and how they relate to jewelry design. She will then give guidance on how to access your creativity. Each student will use these principles to begin to design their piece. We will take a look at each student's work and discuss each person's needs and plan the fabrication process of each design.

Days 2 – 4:

Students will devise a plan for fabrication of their piece and will then jump into creating! Personal guidance, demos and discussion will be ongoing throughout the workshop. Students are encouraged to work together as the creative process is more fun when shared! Students may not fully finish a piece during the course of this worksop, but be aware this is not about completion, it is about process!


Fabrication instruction and demos will include selection of materials, characteristics of stones, stone setting approaches, metal-shaping techniques (shell forming, reticulation, foldforming, hollow forms and more), texturing techniques, advanced soldering approaches, lapidary, finishing, patination and bench tips.


To learn more about Lesley and to see her work, visit her web site HERE



TOOLS: Bring your favorite hand tools (jeweler's saw and blades, hand files (Half-Round, Barette, needle files, etc.), sanding sticks, stone setting tools, polishing attachments, etc. The studio is fully equipped, so if you are traveling, we have some basic tools to lend. Contact us with any questions


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Lesley McKeown • The Jeweler's Journey: Inspiration to Manifestation: Oct 4-7

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  • Lesley McKeown

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