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Prerequisite: Metalsmithing 2 or equivalent


Alternative Clasps & Closures 1: Thursday & Friday, August 8th-9th, 2024

Information about the specific clasps to be covered coming soon!


Learn to create clasps and closures that are unique, functional, fun to make, intriguing and engaging. Each session covers different clasps, so choose to take one workshop or both!


The clasps themselves are the focus of these workshops, and you will complete as many as time allows. Finishing will be done on your own, as the workshops are dedicated to fabrication and assembly. 


The first day of each workshop will begin with a presentation that includes a section on clasp inspirations—ideas coming from everyday industrial, non-jewelry objects. 


You are welcome to take both sessions, or only one; instruction on different clasps will be covered in each session, see details below.


As part of your tuition, you will receive a Materials Kit ($40 value) for each workshop containing Sterling Silver parts for the Clasps. These kits include only the parts for the clasps, you are responsible for bring the additional tools and materials listed below.



Bring your metalsmithing toolbox and the following items with you: 

  • Pliers:  Round, chain nose, flat, half round, and 1 pair with Teflon/nylon jaws (if you have them) 
  • Digital ruler/calipers 
  • Ball pein hammer and small anvil or steel block (to hammer on) 
  • Rawhide mallet 
  • Saw frame and blades:  2/0 or 3/0, and beeswax or synthetic lube for the blades 
  • Bench pin with V-slot (each bench has one, but bring your own, if you like!) 
  • Drill bits (bring a variety of smaller sizes) 
  • File set, regular and mini sizes 
  • Shears and nippers 
  • Scribe 
  • A selection of round burrs (including 4mm) and crosscut or cylinder burrs and diamond burrs (if you have them) 
  • Centering punch (a sharpened nail will work) 
  • Sharpie 
  • Coarse sanding discs (Moore’s snap-on) and snap-on mandrel 
  • A sheet of 220 or 240 sandpaper
  • Safety glasses
  • Particulate respirator (P95 or N95 or better)

Suzanne Williams • Alternative Clasps & Closures 1: Thu-Fri, Aug 8-9

SKU: 026054
  • Metalsmithing 1 or equivalent

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